Islamic Center of Saint Joseph

Nikah Ceremony At ICSJ

The Islamic Society of Greater St. Joseph (ISGSJ) provides the services to perform “Aqd” or Nikah” for Muslims according to Islamic practice of marriage principles.

When a Muslim has decided to marry the person of his or her choice, we arrange to perform the Nikah at the Islamic Center of St. Joseph. The process is outlined below:

  • The couple marrying needs to get a marriage license from any city in the USA.
  • ISGSJ needs a copy of the official city license for their records.
  • Our resident Imam will perform the nikah. Please contact us to make arrangements.
  • We require the presence of two Muslim witnesses for the groom and a guardian (wali) for the bride.
  • The ideal guardian for the bride is the father of the bride. In the absence of a father for the bride, the person performing the nikah will guide the marrying couple to arrange possible alternatives depending on their options. If the options meet the Islamic requirements, the nikah will be performed.
  • The nikah is usually performed in the prayer hall.
  • The groom with consultation and approval of the bride offers in writing the mahr or sadaq to the bride to be recorded on the certificate of marriage.
  • The nikkah details are recorded in a prescribed form. It is signed by the bride, the groom, the guardian and the witnesses. A copy of that certificate is provided to the bride and to the groom. ISGSJ keeps the copy for its records.
  • The official city marriage license is then signed by the person performing the nikah. ISGSJ representative will take the original license and mail it to the city for registration of the marriage.
  • Please complete the marriage contract and marriage certificate, which are on our forms and documents page.